Ohridska Bank Societe Generale forms a Talents Club

Within the frames of the annual social responsibility strategy, Ohridska Bank Societe Generale announces its platform for social responsibility called OBSG Talents Club , which aims to find young, ambitious and talented people in various fields that will be financially supported by OBSG. The OBSG Talents Club, as a concept, will function on the basis of competitions that will be publish during the year on a particular topic. All interested youngsters that fulfill the conditions can apply. The Bank as a founder of the Club together with a pre-defined expert jury in each area, will select finalists and one winner who will be financially rewarded and supported by the Bank.

The first competition along with the topic and the conditions for participation, will be announced at the beginning of July, 2018. Guided by the basic principles of work, team spirit, innovation, dedication and responsibility, Ohridska Bank Societe Generale as socially responsible company, allocates a significant amount of financial resources directed in different fields such as culture, sports, education, etc.; finding talents and potentials that need support for the development of their own talent, training and advancement in their direction, in order to help the development of all young people that have potential in a particular area.

“As a socially responsible company with a serious annual plan we are honestly aimed at helping the community. We are creating a platform for a social responsibility called OBSG Talents Club, designed to place under one hand all our efforts in that direction. Last year with 10,000 euros, we supported one great idea, which has grown into a serious business today. This time through competitions in different areas we will also focus in other directions. We want to leave a mark and contribution to society and at the same time give support to the young potentials in our country, where it’s most needed, “said Nina Nedanoska, Member of the Board of Ohrid Bank Societe Generale.

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