A New Playground for the Children’s Clinic

The American NGO LinkAcross, in partnership with the software company Armedia and the Children’s Clinic, built a children’s playground in front of the Clinic’s entrance in Skopje. The construction was implemented with joint efforts from Armedia employees as well as other volunteers. The playground is built from natural and quality materials making it a wonderful place to entertain children and their families while visiting the hospital.

This playground is the second one that is built in partnership between LinkAcross and Armedia. Last year they jointly implemented a similar project in the elementary school ciril and Metodious in the villiage of Stajkovci.

This project also continues the long-standing successful cooperation between LinkAcross and
the Children’s Clinic in Skopje. In the past, they implemented the project for opening a pediatric emergency center in the hospital, as well as introducing new methods in the Intensive Care Unit through exchange of experience with American doctors.

LinkAcross, in partnership with Armedia, is planning to continue this cooperation in the future, aiming to implement projects with a social impact in order to raise social responsibility.

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