Alkaloid Raised over 1 Million Denars for Nature Protection and Clean and Healthy Environment

Positioning the social responsibility on the top of the agenda, “Alkaloid AD” Skopje continued this year’s human mission whose main goal is improvement of the positive social values. For the eighth time in a row, the great Alkaloid family continued the tradition called a Humanitarian picnic for employees, their family members and their friends.

At this year’s humanitarian happening organized by the Foundation “Trajche Mukaetov”, founded by the company “Alkaloid”,over 1 120 000 denars were collected.The collected funds will be donated to the O2 Initiative for Nature Protection and Clean and Healthy Environment.

O2 is an initiative that advocates for clean air, soil, water, illegal dumps, clean rivers and a fully preserved and protected nature. The primary goal of the association is to oppose any exploitation and destruction of nature, always seeking practical, responsible solutions, while advocating for the rights of all citizens to have quality life in a clean and healthy environment.

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