Business Initiative Supporting Women Entrepreneurs Launched By MOTIVI

Being a successful entrepreneur these days requires a high degree of ambition and delivering positive results. As more and more women gain strength and courage to accomplish their own business ideas, they become an integral part of our society.

Their success not only stems from their ambition, hard work and inspiration, but also from their ability to survive any “storm” in the process and not to accept “no” for an answer.

That is why the team of (Motivi) decided to start a campaign for support of women – entrepreneurs (founders) by offering its services to to promote their companies through promotional stories, interviews and sharing employee success stories on social media with over 500,000 fans, as well as free advertising for new job position within their companies.

This campaign is already supported by the Union of Chambers of Commerce, the Association of Business Women, Womenpreneurs Stories, Women in Tech, Macedonia2025, NewMan’s Business Accelerator and AmCham. We expect this list of supporters to grow considerably during the campaign.

Patron Members