Usje starts using Alternative Fuels

Skopje’s Cement Factory Usje will start using alternative fuels in the production of clinker, from which the cement is then made. Usje has already purchased an equipment worth about 2.5 million euros for this purpose, and expects the handover to take place at the end of October after which they can start with trial use.

– For starters, we will use from 2% to 5% alternative fuels for heating furnaces (wood shavings, textile waste, rice husk) of the total required fossil fuel (coal, petroleum coke, fuel oil), with a tendency to grow to 15% – says the environment manager at Usje, Natasha Bakreska-Kormushoska.

– We start with a low percentage of biomass use in the total fuel because of the low quantity that can be collected. In order to reach 15% we will need 30 to 35 tons of biomass continuously so that the stoves work at a constant temperature. – explains the chief executive of Cementarnica Usje, Boris Hrisafov.

Usje will be one of the few capacities in the country that will use biomass as fuel. In the countries of the European Union, 42% of the total waste is recycled to be used as an alternative fuel, with a tendency to reach 65% by 2030. The most advanced in the use of alternative fuels is Germany. There, in distant 1987, only 5% of fossil fuels were replaced by alternative ones, while last year their use grew by over 65%.

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