Champions of Change

Transition From ‘SHOULD’ To An Absolute ‘MUST’

“We are living through a period of great turmoil. 2020 was supposed to be a very good year, but then the reality changed. We realized that this will be a survival year and our main goal was to keep all our employees, provide a safe working environment and secure financial stability. Moreover, this volatile period proved to be a perfect time for trying all the digital ideas we were skeptical to try beforehand. The best starting point in such situation is to get a clear picture of where you stand, what you need and when you need it…”

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“Challeopporty” – Challenge Successfully Converted In Opportunity

“Our journey toward digitalization began back in 2003. The goal was to introduce our members to something new that will be so normal in the future. However, the biggest challenge was how to make all stakeholders be “IN” for this strategy that really was not needed at that time. Regarding digital transformation, I think COVID-19 is “challeopporty”, a challenge that was successful “converted” into an opportunity…”

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Digitalization And Acceptance Of Change

“Recently, many of the innovations we are introducing belong to the domain of digital technology, which is actually a global trend in many industries. Digital transformation is not a simple process, especially in industries such as ours. One of the biggest challenges was the acceptance of change by employees and customers. However, when you have a clear goal and support then all challenges can be overcome…”

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Digital Transformation Of Educational Model

“Like most schools in the world, the pandemic hit and Nova had to immediately shift to a new, digital model of teaching and learning. This has been the biggest challenge, keeping morale up while asking teachers to completely transform every aspect of their professional lives. While the challenges of having to transform so quickly are plentiful, there are also large benefits as well. We have increased transparency in our school, have created clearer and more open lines of communication, and have been able to embrace the best 21st century practices…”

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