Vino-M: An Exclusive Opportunity for a Professional Riedel Glass Wine Tasting


The Professional Riedel Glass Wine Tasting event is going to be an excellent and rare opportunity for a real-life experience of the discussion-raising myth about the influence of the shape of the wine glasses on our senses.
Riedel, the Austrian Wine Glass Company, established 260 years ago in Bohemia, today is recognized as one of the world leaders when it comes to crystal glasses and their detailed examination. With a scientific approach, Riedel has brought the wine drinking experience to the level of perfection.


This fascinating wine glass tasting is going to be held by Stefano Canello, the Riedel Vice President of Sales for South East Europe. All the participants will have the opportunity to personally experience the effects that the shape of the glass has on the bouquet, the taste, the balance and on the finish of the wine in our mouth.
Mr. Canello will present crystal Riedel glasses from the Veritas line, which combines the design excellence and the latest technology. Each of these glasses is specifically created for a particular type of wine.
The company Vino M is the importer of Riedel products for the Republic of Macedonia.
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