Coca Cola Opens the 15th Active Zone in Makedonska Kamenica

Makedonska Kamenica is now part of the big project called “Coca-Cola Active Zones” becoming the 15th zone that was officially set up on October 31. In the presence of citizens from all generations, numerous representatives of sports associations and media, the representatives of Pivara Skopje and the Municipality, officially opened the new place for socialising and recreation. 

“With the opening of the 15th Coca-Cola Active Zone in Makedonska Kamenica, we are continuing our project to promote true social values in which we, in Pivara Skopje, strongly believe that they significantly contribute to the well-being of all citizens, from all social categories . Within the three-year project and through the 15 zones, we created a 1500 m2 area where thousands of citizens can recreate and socialise; we created a ground where new acquaintances happen and the old ones are being nurtured, a place for inclusion where both young and old, recreational and professional people can spend quality time and freely use the benefits that these zones offer. That is why Pivara Skopje and the company Coca-Cola will continue to realise projects of wider social interest and context for both the present and the generations that follow, “said Marija Minincic, Corporate Communications Manager in Pivara Skopje.

This project started in 2016 and is part of the global platform of Pivara Skopje and the company “Coca-Cola”.

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