Educational school project of Pivara Skopje

Over 26.000 elementary school pupils learned how to care about health, safety and the environment

About 8.400 pupils in 112 elementary schools in 17 municipalities and cities have gained additional practical knowledge in the field of health and safety this year too. This is the main goal of the educational project of Pivara Skopje, which is conducted for the fifth consecutive year in cooperation with the municipalities and elementary schools all over the country. The total number of pupils who have so far had the opportunity to learn about safe and healthy school days exceeded 26.900.

This year too, the educational project for pupils in fourth grade, on a voluntary basis, was conducted by more than 70 employees and members of the management team of Pivara Skopje, who are continuously trained in the field of occupational health and safety, thus acquiring appropriate knowledge which they also transfer to the pupils.

The project is implemented through interactive presentations that are adapted to the age of the pupils, through which they, in the presence of their teachers, get advice on how to properly carry the school backpack, how to properly sit in the school desk, when writing or when in front of a computer, and how to prevent injuries caused by slipping, tripping and falling. In addition, pupils receive advice on how to care for the environment, the hygiene at school and outside, and how to act when a fire occurs in the school or in other facilities where they are staying.

“With the tips and examples that we present to the pupils visually and in an entertaining way we want to encourage them to think about how they can protect and improve their own, but also the health and safety of others, especially at the school where they spend most of their time, as well as outside of it. We start from the fact that good habits in life are accepted better at a younger age and when shared with peers. We are happy that in all past presentations in the past five years we came across an excellent reception among the pupils and their teachers, which is the best indicator that we are achieving our goal – as a company, but also as individuals – to contribute to the creation of new healthy generations and a sustainable future for all,” says Vladimir Kosijer, General Manager of Pivara Skopje.

This educational school project is only one segment of the continuous investments and efforts of Pivara Skopje and its employees to support and improve the quality of life of all members of the community. In particular, in the field of occupational health and safety, Pivara Skopje is one of the first companies in the country that since 2007 has introduced and has been certified with the leading international standard for occupational safety and health – OHSAS 18001. For its constant investments, achieved results and the care for the health and safety of its employees, consumers and the wider community, the company also received the National Award for best practices in the field of occupational health and safety.

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