Eleventh Coca-Cola Active Zone Opened

Citizens of Municipality of Chair, recreational players, renowned athletes and sports associations, as well as representatives of the local self-government and representatives of the company Coca-Cola and Pivara Skopje, on March 9, 2018 welcomed the opening of the eleventh ” Coca-Cola Active Zone “.

Chair’s Coca-Cola Active Zone marks the start of the third cycle of the project, and by the end of the year, four more “Coca-Cola Active Zones” will be set up in different municipalities.

“I’m really happy that Coca-Cola Active Zones have become a recognisable synonym for socialising and recreation and a place for inclusion of all citizens of different categories who have the same interests – friendship and sports. The promise that we gave in 2016 that our “Coca-Cola Active zones” will sprout throughout Macedonia, is confirm today with the opening of this year’s first zone out of the five that will be set in the following period. I am sure that the citizens of Chair will like this sport and recreational place for socialising, will take care of the place and truly enjoy the time spent here. We are particularly proud of the Coca-Cola Active Zones, because they are another confirmation of our long-term commitment to contribute to the community and to invest in projects that benefit all citizens of Macedonia, “said Lambro Patche, Director for Public Relations and Communications in Pivara Skopje.

“Coca-Cola Active Zones” are realised in cooperation with the local self-government, combining professional fitness equipment, placed in appropriate locations for 24-hour free use by all citizens.

The project “Coca-Cola Active Zones” is part of the global platform of Pivara Skopje and the Coca-Cola Company, which refers to promotion of active life, but also benefiting the community through the inclusion of all citizens. Namely, as part of the same platform, in the past years, Pivara Skopje together with the company Coca-Cola have implemented a number of successful projects, including the “Coca-Cola Football Cup”, free bike parks, and the 10 Coca-Cola Active Zones.

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