Euroins Insurance Supports Handball Summer Camp for Children

This year as well as the previous three, Euroins Insurance supported Kire Lazarov’s Handball Summer Camp for children,  emphasising the safety of all participants in the camp, both children and adults. All of them, in the duration of the camp are insured against unwanted injuries, including the smallest ones to those with the worst outcome. By providing participation for three talented children, the social responsibility of Euroins Insurance is confirmed in so many ways.
“Considering that the best Macedonian athlete, Kiril Lazarov, is our brand ambassador for a long time, and in order to support everything he does in the direction of popularizing handball and sports among young people, from the very beginning, we are part of the handball camp this year which is organized for the fourth time in Ohrid. For us as a company, operating in the insurance segment, it is important that every child in the camp to feel safe and secure. With this in mind, this year all participants in the camp starting from children, coaches, medical team and organization will be insured by Euroins Insurance. “- said Ralitsa Huberova, executive director of Euroins Insurance.
In addition, traditionally the company will enable three young handball players to visit the best camp in this area, provide the children a learning experience from the best and upgrade their knowledge in every sense. Euroins Insurance’s vehicles are also made available for the organizers throughout the entire duration of the camp.

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