EVN is Developing a National Public Infrastructure for Charging Electric Vehicles

EVN has started implementing a new project entitled “Electromobility with EVN”. The ultimate goal of this project is a wider adaptation of the electromobility in Macedonia. Following the global trends, EVN takes specific steps to create the main prerequisite for using electric vehicles, and that is a wide national charging infrastructure.

Due to the limitations of the current technology of the electric vehicles, without charging stations at every 100 km minimum, the long journeys with these vehicles are virtually impossible. That is why EVN, in cooperation with the municipalities, is currently building a serious infrastructure of chargers throughout the country. Within the project for development of the electromobility, EVN currently sets over 40 stations for charging electric vehicles at central public locations in 17 cities in Macedonia. In the City of Skopje, several chargers are installed, which besides on public surfaces, are also available at the frequent facilities such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and the like. With such a developed network of chargers, the owners of the electric vehicles from the country and abroad will be able to travel in any direction within and outside the borders of Macedonia.
“As a market leader, EVN strives to make the global trends available to all citizens in Macedonia. That is why we started with the realization of the project ‘Electromobility with EVN’, hoping to encourage greater use of the electric vehicles, which will greatly contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment, it will provide opportunities for greater utilization of the new technologies, and we will contribute for Macedonia to become even more attractive tourist destination,” stressed Stefan Peter, Chairman of the Management Board of EVN Macedonia.
The use of the EVN chargers for a promotional period of one year will be free of charge for all users. The interested owners of electric vehicles will have to apply for an electronic card for using the chargers, at www.elektrodistribucija.mk, emobility@evn.mk or in the EVN Info Center.
EVN in the future will continue to expand the network of electric chargers with a clear goal – increasing the number of electric vehicles on the Macedonian streets. This will contribute to reducing air pollution, lower noise in urban areas and long-term sustainability of the environment. Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, more economical, more efficient and safer than ordinary vehicles, and through this EVN project, they will be more accessible to the Macedonian citizens.

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