EVN Macedonia Opens an Info Center in Skopje

As of February 15, EVN Macedonia clients have the opportunity of using the services of the first Info Center in Skopje, located at the City Shopping Center (GTC). The Info Center will allow the customers to inform themselves about the overall services of the company. The Center will also provide multimedia content presentation that is of particular significance for the customers and tips for rational use of electricity.

“Following the trends of the digital age, EVN Macedonia offers its customers a range of online services for easier invoice payment. All customers have the possibility to receive their electricity invoices electronically via e-mail, and they can pay them on the EVN Macedonia website. All information related to the electricity consumption can be provided via telephone through our contact center. But, we fully understand the need of our customers to establish human contact during the service process, and that is why we developed and opened the Info Center in the Skopje Shopping Centre (GTC). The Info Center is a place where customers can personally get information about all services and advantages that EVN Macedonia offers.” stated Mr. Stefan Peter, Chairman of the Management Board of EVN Macedonia.

At the Info Center, documents for a certain service or process will not be able to be submitted, but complete information for the service or the process can be obtained, appropriate documentation can be received, and customers can also get referred to a specific service point for the realization of the requested service.

The only exception about the submission of the documentation is document submission for personal and contact data update. It is planned in the near future in the Info Center, customers to be able to purchase unique products related to the energy efficiency and also services for complete realization of projects of the same field.

The Info Center also incorporates a fun interactive part, where children and young visitors will be able to spend their time while getting useful tips and presentation about the topics related to electricity.



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