Gentherm Macedonia Established a Women’s Network

Recognizing the important role of women in society and in the business community, Gentherm founded a Women’s Network in order to enable women in the company to have an active role in solving the challenges they face in their work. One of the first activities that the Network organized was to enabling free medical checks for Breast Cancer for all 800 employed women in Genterm Macedonia. This initiative was launched in order to improve the health of women and raise awareness for breast cancer prevention.

“The focus of the Women’s Network of Gentherm is to attract, retain and advance women in order to make Gentherm the best workplace for them.”
Among other things, the company is committed to maintaining family values ​​therefore the Women’s Network program includes “Welcome” birth packages for each newborn.
Additionally, free trips specifically designed for women employed in Genterm are organized at several famous locations in Macedonia and in other countries of the region where all women from every department of the company can look at local attractions and spend time together.
Women’s Network Gentherm does not stop here, the next half of this year provides open discussions on topics such as sexual abuse at the workplace and mobbing.
These are the first of the many steps the company will take to nurture and enhance the strong talent of women in Gentherm.

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