Glue Up Account Registration Process

At the beginning of this year, AmCham made its first steps into the digital transformation process, by implementing a new CRM platform – GlueUp (formerly Eventbank).

One of the goals by using this platform is to enhance the way we communicate with you. With the full integration of this platform, you will increase your memberships’ benefits. It is designed to keep you up-to-date with our latest news and activities and to connect you with other AmCham fellows. It also serves as medium for promotion of your company’s products and services, within the network.  

Completion of the first phase of the digitization process will be of a mutual benefit, and we would highly appreciate your support in this initiative. Please, join us by completing the process of your account registration.

Please visit by using your corporate email address, so that you can find your member details (manage and edit).

  • If you already have your account registered, but don’t know the password to login, please reset it and you will be able to continue editing your profile.
  • Please note, only the AmCham Primary Member in your company, will have permissions to manage the Corporate Membership on MyGlueUp. If you are not an AmCham Primary Member, you can only edit your own information.

For more video tutorials of how to register your account, please visit this  link

To access your account from everywhere (PC, mobile and other devices), please download MyGlueUp (EventBank) from the App Store or Google Play

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