Halkbank Continues its Partnership with International Film Festival “Brothers Manaki”

The partnership between the International film festival “Manaki Brothers” and Halkbank, which started in 2018, will continue this year as well, marking the 40th jubilee of the festival that will take place from 14th to 21st of September in Bitola.

By supporting the “Manaki Brothers” a festival, that holds a long and rich tradition, we are expressing our dedication as a strong supporter of the film and the Macedonian culture in general, as one of the essential parts in every society. It represents a great honor to be partner of one of most renowned and highly reputable cultural events in the country. With its international character, the festival “Manaki Brothers” exemplifies a rare social event that noticeably attracts the attention of the domestic and international public.

As a socially responible bank, we continue our practice to support various cultural, educational and sports projects and events in order to promote true values, and one of these values undoubtedly is the film.

The 40th jubilee edition of International film festival, which this year is under to moto “Tell the clouds”, will be celebrated with a rich program, and besides the 14 sections that were already announced, there will be a  recollection of the best Macedonian  and European movies as well.

The partnership between “Manaki Brothers” and Halkbank will contribute to further nurture the love for film and to an even better promotion of the film industry in this country.

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