Halkbank Reduces Interest Rates on Consumer and Mortgage Loans

Halkbank reduces interest rates and fees for processing credit claims on individual types of consumer, home and mortgage loans in the promotional period until 15.12.2019.

“The changes we are introducing are related to our most sought after products and are in the context of meeting the needs of our customers, in order to have more favorable banking services. We believe that by lowering interest rates and fees on the most widely used credit products, we will contribute to making personal investments with an acceptable burden on the family budget. This decision follows Halkbank’s mission to provide excellent service to our clients, proposing the best solutions for their needs and increasing the satisfaction of working with the bank”, it is stated from the bank.

With the changes introduced by Halkbank, the new consumer loan has an interest rate of 5.00% fixed for the first 2 years, a maximum amount of up to 1,200,000 denars, a maximum term of up to 120 months and a life insurance policy. All types of consumer loans in the promotional period of application, until 15.12.2019, are free of processing charges.

The home loan, in Halkbank’s offer, is granted free of processing charges during the promotional period, i.e. until December 15, 2019, and is with a fixed interest rate for the first 5 years. Including insurance policies in Halkbank’s products enables property protection against accidents, repayment security and protection for the whole family.

Halkbank’s Mortgage loan, with the option for life insurance, is with a variable interest rate defined as 5.25 percentage points plus 6 month Euribor for 1 year, while for the rest it is 5.75 percentage points plus 6 month Euribor. Applications are free of processing charges in the promotional period which is active until 15.12.2019.

For all credit products from the bank’s offer, clients can apply online, at the following link, or at the nearest branch of the bank.

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