Kromberg & Schubert Announced Construction of Kindergarten for 300 Children

One of the largest and most successful companies in the country, Kromberg & Schubert  reaffirms their commitment to work in accordance with the principles of social responsibility. In order to resolve the insufficient capacity of kindergartens, the company announced project for construction of a new kindergarten that will serve all citizens of the Municipality of Bitola.

The new kindergarten will spread on an area of 3200 sq. m and will have the capacity to care for 300 children. This project will be implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and the Municipality of Bitola.

Kromberg & Schubert continue to set a positive example by continuous investment in their employees, satisfied clients, building stable relationships with market partners, improving the quality of life and environmental care and successfully solving as many problems as possible.

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