Management Change at Sasa Mine

Following the departure of Neil Stevenson, Oleg Telnoj has been appointed the new General Manager of Sasa Zink and Lead Mine. Telnoj’s nomination comes as part of the long-term development strategy set by Central Asia Metals.

“My initial impressions are that Sasa Mine has a really great potential for further development. In the past period, serious investments have been made in the modernization of the mine, and significant results have been achieved in terms of the well-being and safety of the employees, as well as in the protection of the environment, which remain as our key priorities. Sasa has an experienced, professional and dedicated staff, and I believe that through joint cooperation we will achieve the set development goals of the company, that will benefit everyone, “said Sasa’s new General Manager, Oleg Telnoy, immediately after taking over the position.

The new General Manager of “Sasa” is determined that the company under his leadership will continue to invest in all key segments that should provide even more efficient operation, and will continue with the further realization of socially responsible projects important for the prosperity of the local community and the country as a whole.

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