MWC 2018: Makedonski Telekom Announces Prototype of Smart Anti-Pollution Masks

This year, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is going to be held from 26th February until 1st March under the slogan “Creating a better future”. Deutsche Telekom, as a leading European telecommunications operator, provided the visitors with an opportunity to experience the future technologies such as 5G, connected drones, smart textiles, VR and AR glasses and other innovative products and technologies that are going to change our manner of communication and living in the near future.

Makedonski Telekom, as a part of the Deutsche Telekom Group, announced the prototype of smart anti-pollution masks which should be available for sale from November/December of this year. It is a completely new product, a design solution created by Telekom, which will be a part of the Fashion Fusion programme of Deutsche Telekom, while also being the first one in a line of projects conducted by Telekom that will follow in the course of this year.

“For the first time in Macedonia we are merging technology and fashion for the purposes of achieving a higher goal, protection against pollution, which is a serious problem in our country, especially in the larger cities. When you possess the best technology, it no longer enough to just provide communications. That is why we are making a step forward by putting this technology to use in order to make a change and improve the quality of life” – said Andreas Elsner, the Chief Executive Officer of Makedonski Telekom.

The masks will be made of plastic waste, which is another step ahead towards a cleaner environment. Sensors will be installed on the Telekom base stations that will measure the pollution. By means of an mobile application, these sensors will communicate with the mobile telephones which, in turn, will communicate with the masks (made of smart textile). Through vibration or led lights, the smart masks will signalize when the pollution exceeds the allowed limit. The design of the masks is under the signature of the Macedonian fashion designer Ivana Knez.

The quality of the network and the investments in new technologies are the foundation of such innovative solutions that will make a difference in society. The Makedonski Telekom network is the best one not only in our country, but also in the region, which was also confirmed on the latest P3 independent research on networks according which the mobile network of Makedonski Telekom has the best results for mobile internet an voice services in Macedonia. According this research, the network of Makedonski Telekom is among the best in Europe.
Additionally, the good foundation comes from the fact that Macedonia is Macedonia is the first country in Europe with an all IP network, as well as the only country within DT Group with 100% 4G coverage“.

For the congress in Barcelona, Makedonski Telekom also announced a novelty for the customers – soon for the first time ever, the members of the Magenta 1 family will have an opportunity to share among each other the mobile Internet included in the tariff. The service Family Share will be available through the new TelekomMK application for the users of the new Magenta 1.

About Fashion Fusion

Fashion Fusion is Deutsche Telekom initiative at the intersection of fashion and technology – turning visionary concepts into lifestyle reality.
Fashion Fusion was born out of Deutsche Telekom’s pursuit for pioneering new forms of technologically enhanced fashion, wearable technologies and everything in between. At Fashion Fusion, Deutsche Telekom strives to bring forth disruptive solutions and formats by merging mixed expertise in a collaborative space – and to set new standards for smart fashion.

About the Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the largest world fair in the telecommunications industry. All worldwide tycoons and the best ones in the industry gather every year in order to show the thousands of visitors what is new in the sphere of technology and what the future holds. More than 800 operators and more than 300 companies are presented, wherein this year it is expected that the fair will be visited by thousands of visitors, analysts and media from all around the world.

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