New Year’s Gathering of Pivara Skopje Employees and the Children at SOS Children’s Village

On the eve of the New Year holidays, the volunteers frоm Pivara Skopje and the children supported by SOS Children’s Village made Christmas decorations and greeting cards at a joint gathering that took place in great mood and atmosphere filled with warmth and joy. The greeting cards that will be jointly chosen as the best ones will be used as corporate New Year’s greeting card of Pivara Skopje. Together with the volunteers from Pivara Skopje and the children supported by SOS Children’s Village, in the New Year workshop also participated Naya Kalogeraki, Group Chief Customer and Commercial Officer at Coca-Cola HBC, who stated: “This was a great experience for me and it filled me with a lot of positive energy. I really feel privileged to be able to take part in this activity of the women from Pivara Skopje and spend time with these beautiful children.”

The National Director of SOS Children’s Village, Julijana Gapo highlighted that such gatherings are a great way to start the New Year’s holiday magic. “We are happy that these visits and gatherings with Pivara Skopje’s employees are becoming a tradition. This gathering is part of the numerous activities that the company organizes throughout the year that include children and young people supported by our organization. In this way, along with the financial support it provides us each year, Pivara Skopje and its employees demonstrate continued care, which makes them truly committed partners,” says Gapo. This pre New Year’s gathering is the fifth activity organized by Pivara Skopje this year, which actively involves children and young people supported by SOS Children’s Village. In addition to the joint social events that are organized throughout the year, the youth supported by SOS Children’s Village are also involved in the trainings within the company’s program ‘Skills for Success’, as well as in this year’s eco-action for cleaning the River Vardar Quay organized by Pivara Skopje together with its partners.

“As a company, we are particularly proud of our long-term partnership with SOS Children’s Village. It is an integral part of our continued support for the community and our socially responsible activities and initiatives in a number of areas to which we remain committed. Within this action, we continue organizing volunteer activities through which as individuals – employees of Pivara Skopje – we want to give a personal imprint and contribution to improving the quality of life of the people and the community to which we belong. We especially enjoy the meetings and get togethers with the kids at the SOS Children’s Village with whom we always share many beautiful and joyful moments,” said Dan Timotin, General Manager of Pivara Skopje. SOS Children’s Village is an international organization dedicated to the protection and enforcement of children’s rights with a particular focus on supporting orphans and children without parental care and children growing up in families at social risk. The National Association of the organization in the country was established in 2002 and it consists of: a range of programs and projects aimed at promoting the care and support of children and young people without parental care and those at social risk.

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