2020 ACE Best Practice Conference

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The ACE 2020 Best Practice Conference was held in a virtual form from October 12-14, 2020, breaking away from the original plan to be hosted by AmCham Bulgaria due to the Covid-19 restrictions. In light of recent challenges, the community stays more connected than ever before, with more than 80 participants attending the conference.

Creative Network Award Winner is AmCham Ukraine.

AmCham Ukraine is the winner of the 2020 Creative Network Award with its ‘Leadership in Times of Crisis‘ project. Their project consists of short video interviews between the AmCham Executive Director and the CEOs of member companies to discuss the new realities of work, the challenges to leadership and management, and how to help local communities during the crisis. The project delivered a range of inspiring stories and facts shared through social media, which provided helpful tips, insights, and personal experience to the broader public. Sincere CONGRATULATIONS to the entire team of AmCham Ukraine.

The community also got the opportunity to get to know other inspirational projects created by the AmChams EU, Germany, Israel, Kosovo, and Slovenia, which reached the ACE Creative Network Award 2020 finals. The conference also served to assess The Benchmark Survey, which sparked a lively debate among the participants, which addressed the current and future challenges our organizations face. We would like to thank the participants for their engagement. We hope the ideas presented at this year’s Best Practice Conference will benefit every AmCham in the ACE family and that we will see each other next year, in Bulgaria.
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