Ohridska Bank Announces the Winners of the Green Competition 

On March 14, Ohridska Bank Societe Generale awarded the prizes of the “Green Competition”, organised for raising awareness for the ecology and caring for a cleaner environment and air. The Bank awarded 20 electric scooters to 20 lucky clients and once again showed the importance of active participation in the community. This competition is only part of the series of eco-activities that the Bank implements, both for its employees and its clients.
By awarding a total of 70 bicycles to customers in 2018, and now 20 electric scooters, as well as building bicycle parks, procurement of eco-vehicles, hardening of public surfaces, Ohridska bank Societe Generale continuously shows its concern for the environment and as a socially responsible company continues to act in this direction, showing a clear vision of responsible action.
More information on the prize game, as well as the list of winners of electric scooters from the competition, can be found on the website of Ohridska Banka Societe Generale, www.ohridskabanka.mk, as well as on social media.


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