Ohridska Bank Talent Club’s First Competition is now OPEN

Ohridska Bank Societe Generale opens the first competition within the framework of the OBSG Talent Club, “Do you have an ear for music?”, intended for young instrumentalists.
Within the framework of the annual strategy for corporate social responsibility, Ohridska Bank Societe Generale has announced its platform called Ohridska Bank Talent Club, which aims to find young, ambitious and talented people from different areas and provide them a financial support. “Do you have an ear for music?” Is the first contest from this platform, which in the following months will be looking for young and talented instrumentalists.
The competition will be open until September 30, 2018 where all interested young instrumentalists ages 14 to 18 (born in the period 2000-2004) can apply. The instruments taken into consideration are: piano, accordion, violin, cello, viola, guitar, double bass, horn, harp, oboe, clarinet, flute, trumpet, bassoon, saxophone, trombone.
You can find more information and the application on the website www.obsgklubnatalenti.mk, where several questions need to be filled in along with a link from the applicant’s submission.

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