Ohridska Banka Societe Generale awarded for its CSR efforts 

The National Coordinative Body for Corporate Social Responsibility at the Ministry of Economy awarded companies that in the past year promoted socially responsible practices in their actions. This year, the investments in innovative and unique products from Ohridska banka Societe Generale, have brought recognition for successfully implemented socially responsible practice in the category “Market relations”.

The products “Insurance of transaction account and Deposit insurance” have been rewarded, which as a concept offer immediate support and possibility for several policies. The financial benefits of an insured event include an immediate one-time fee of 500 euros from insurance and a total amount up to a maximum limit of up to 2,500 euros per insurance policy on a transaction account and up to 5,500 euros under a deposit insurance policy in accordance with the terms of the insurance. The client can apply for a maximum of three policies, and hence the maximum insured amount will be tripled.

“It is our honor and pleasure to recognize our clients’ efforts in the development of products and services that fully satisfy the requirements and needs, even in the most specific categories of clients, besides acknowledgments by the clients and the institutions in the country. This is a confirmation of our commitment to customers and we are confident that we have created a portfolio that allows our clients additional security and financial support for the family, “said Elena Gligorovska, Head of the Directorate for Customer experience, Marketing and Communications.

The category “Market relations”, in which Ohridska Banka Societe Generale has been awarded, takes into account the rights, interests and needs of consumers and customers and promotes practices that are in line with international quality standards. This is the second award that Ohridska banka Societe Generale receives from the National Coordinative Body within the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Macedonia for its socially responsible work. In 2015, Ohridska banka Societe Generale won the Social Responsibility Award in the category Market Relations for the Product “Credit and Debit Card Insurance”.

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