Ohridska Banka Winner of 2018 National Award for CSR Practises

Ohridska Banka Societe Generale is the winner of the National Prize for Best Socially Responsible Practices in 2018 in the environmental category, awarded by the Ministry of Economy and the Coordination Body for Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition to the national award, the Bank also won two national recognition awards for best socially responsible practices in 2018.
The project “For a clean city, shop with our MasterCard” brought Ohridska banka the national award in the environmental category. The concept of the project was a competition in which 70 winners received new bicycles. The message that the project was carrying was that bicycles are a direct solution in the fight for a cleaner city and cleaner air. The competition was conducted in December 2017 – February 2018.
In addition to the award, Ohridska Banka Societe Generale received national recognition for best socially responsible practices for the projects “Culture and Behaviour” in the category of ethical management and “Competition for Best Business Idea – Clean 10” in the community investment category. The competition for the best business idea, “Clean 10”, was aimed at fostering the entrepreneurial spirit among young people in Macedonia, and the winning business idea received a fund of 10,000 euros for starting a business. Through the “Culture and Behaviour” project, the Bank organised training for its employees to improve the attitude towards its clients, in order to implement the best practices.
The National Award for Best Social Responsible Practices is awarded for the 11th time, and 38 projects from 25 companies in five categories applied this year. Ohridska Banka Societe Generale competed in all five categories. The selection of the national award was made between companies that implemented socially responsible projects or practices in Macedonia in the period from June 1, 2017 until June 1, 2018.

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