OKTA awards scholarships to high-performing students

AmCham’s patron member OKTA, showed their dedication to socially responsible practices by investing in one of the most important spheres of the community, which is building qualified personnel and strengthening intellectual capacities in the country

In the first occasion, OKTA announced that ten students from UKIM will receive full scholarship for postgraduate studies from OKTA. As part of its socially responsible practice, OKTA will award scholarships to those students who, in addition to fulfilling the primary conditions stated in the second cycle competition, published by the “St. Cyril and Methodius” University in Skopje, will also demonstrate excellent knowledge and skills, in accordance with the Faculty they are registered with.



On the second occasion, the company announced the two recipients of the scholarships for postgraduate studies at the competition, which was published by OKTA in May, 2017. The students will have the privilege of continuing their studies at the University of Piraeus and the Technical University of Crete, with which the Hellenic Petroleum Group, to which OKTA belongs, has concluded a three-year cooperation contract. With this initiative, besides scholarships for students from our country, the Group granted a total of 25 scholarships for students in other countries where it operates (Greece, Cyprus, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Serbia). In addition to paid studies, the company OKTA awarded both of them an additional scholarship for living expenses worth 1000 Euros per month for each.


With this steps, OKTA once again emphasizes the importance of continuous investment in education and intellectual development of young people.

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