OKTA Donated and Ran in Support to People with the rare Wilson disease

OKTA and its employees for the fourth consecutive year are the main supporter of “Give a hand” humanitarian relay race, which aims to raise awareness on Wilson disease patients thus encourage the social inclusion of people who suffer from this disease. A total of 236 supporters, among which three teams from OKTA, ran on Sunday, October 21st at the bank of the river Vardar. Traditionally, as part of the event a children’s race was organised as well.  

The support of this humanitarian event proofs OKTA’s commitment and aspiration to help in building of an inclusive society and to offer its assistance to the members of the community who are in need. This year the amount of funds raised will be used to make aware the health care providers with the possible symptoms and the methods for early detection of this disease, which will be carried out through a caravan organized in several towns in the country.

Wilson’s disease causes metabolic disorder that leads to excessive deposition of copper in the liver, brain and eyes. This process is gradual and it lasts for years, before the first symptoms can be noticed. The timely detection of the disease and the regular therapy are of crucial importance, as it can provide a normal life for the patients.

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