OKTA supported eco-action in the Ilinden Municipality

OKTA employees got actively involved in “With Greenery Against Pollution” eco–action, organized by the Municipality of Ilinden. The company donated birch seedlings that were planted in the local park near the “Goce Delchev” sports hall. OKTA’s management team, accompanied with twenty employees actively participated in this action. With this activity, once again OKTA confirmed  its commitment for cleaner and healthier environment.

Every tree planted is important and contributes to the noble mission for creating cleaner environment for the present, but for the future generation too. That’s why OKTA joined and supported the project for greening the Municipality of Ilinden. The company remains a true friend of the local community through supporting different activities in the field of education, culture, ecology that significantly contribute in creating better living conditions for the local residents.

Students, employees in the public enterprises and in the Municipality of Ilinden as well as locals, also took part in the action. The project will be expanded out to 26 locations and a total surface area of 80.000 m2, in the Ilinden Municipality.


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