Pakomak Awarded with a Recognition for its Contribution for Development of Entrepreneurship in Middle and South-East Europa

Last week, within the framework of the VI Regional Summit of Central and Southeast European Entrepreneurs Europe (PSP) “300 BEST”, Pakomak Packaging Management and Waste Management Company became the winner of the award for the “Best Service for Contribution to Development of Entrepreneurship in Central and Southeast Europe “. The award ceremony will take place from March 22 to March 24, 2019, in Dubrovnik. Pakomak won this recognition in a great competition of companies from Central Europe (10 countries) and Southeast Europe (13 countries).

The objective of the Regional Summit of Businessmen from Central and South-Eastern Europe “300 BEST” is to publicly recognise and attract the public’s attention to the success of entrepreneurs – rare visionaries and tomorrow’s leaders whose work, knowledge and creativity are embedded in the basics for establishing and developing a new and better society in which we live and work. This project, within which awards and recognitions are awarded, includes their promotion to other companies in the region and has a long-term task to create an ambience for the growth of future generations that will be creators of the new age and will adequately respond to the challenges that the future brings.

Pakomak deserved this award thanks to their continuous development and realisation of strictly defined goals through countless projects, education and activities. Today, Pakomak has an excellent cooperation with 35 municipalities, in which over 75% of the population in the Republic of Macedonia lives, where containers for selective collection of paper, plastic and glass have been placed. Additionally, the company cooperates with over 800 objects (hotels, restaurants and cafes), which regularly collects glass packaging and this number grows year by year.

In parallel with the selection of packaging waste, Pakomak has been making a lot of efforts and funds for education of children with projects such as: “Eco-magician”, “3D Eco-bus, theater performance on ecology. Each of these projects, so far has covered about 50,000 students from 100-120 primary schools in 10-15 cities in Macedonia. All these projects have been awarded with a national state awards.

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