Pakomak Introduced Reverse-Vending Machine for Recycling Plastic Bottles and Drinks Cans

With the help of the Fund for Innovation, Pakomak is the first Macedonian company to introduce the world trend in recycling reverse-vending machine for plastic bottles and drinking cans.

The aim is to motivate citizens to become more efficient and faster involved in the process of selective waste disposal. The machine reward consumers with so-called “green points” where consumers can collect points to pay for products and public services (e.g., utility fees, public transport tickets, parking, etc.). The system will recognize the most environmentally conscious citizens giving them the opportunity to receive additional benefits.

Initially, Pakomak will set up machines in several municipalities across the country, and the long-term plan includes installing machines all over Macedonia. The project is aimed at all citizens, regardless of their age and social status, and the rewards system is tailored to all groups in society.

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