Pivara Skopje Donated Bike Parking for Citizens in Kavadarci

As part of the platform for promoting a bike culture, Pivara Skopje donated another bicycle parking lot, this time in Kavadarci, which is located near the Sport Center “Jasmin” in the city. The project was implemented in cooperation with the municipality of Kavadarci. With this donation, Pivara Skopje continues its mission to inspire citizens to use bicycles more frequently as an alternative transport, as well as to preserve our environment.

“It has been a longstanding commitment of Pivara Skopje to invest in the community in which we operate. I believe that by making this donation to the citizens of Kavadarci,  we Pivara Skopje will be able to make our contribution in promoting recreational and urban biking as a lifestyle, and in raising the awareness about the use of bicycles as the most energy-efficient means of urban transport, in order to better protection of the environment, stated Dan Timotin, General  Manager of Pivara Skopje. A pair of SKOPSKO and “SKOPSKO Smooth” parking lots has been placed in Kavadarci, in the shape of the SKOPSKO’s recognizable bottle.

By the end of the year, it is planned to set up three more bicycle parking lots at different locations. So far Pivara Skopje has set up a total of 11 “SKOPSKO” and “Coca-Cola” bike parkings, at various locations throughout the country.

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