“Rosa” to Fund the Opening of 3 Parenting Schools

New project for education of future parents in partnership between Pivara Skopje and the Ministry of Health
Pivara Skopje and the Ministry of Health announced their partnership through which one denar from the sale of every bottle of water Rosa will be donated toward the opening of three Parenting schools within health institutions across Macedonia.

The main goal of this project is educating future parents and other family members how to cope with the everyday challenges that their new roles will bring. The first “Rosa Schools” will be opened in the last quarter of 2018 in the Jane Sandanski Polyclinic in Skopje, the Clinical Hospital in Bitola and the General Hospital in Gostivar.

On the press-conference, Mr. Roderik Rosenbaum, Commercial Director of Pivara Skopje and the Minister of Health, Doc. Dr. Venko Filipche, who pointed out that the opening of these schools for parents is from an exceptional importance for the future parents, but for the health system in Macedonia, as well.

“With this project Pivara Skopje once again confirms its commitment to be a long-term partner, supporting the wellbeing of all categories of citizens and the community in general . Rosa schools for parents are exceptionally important for us as a company, mainly because they are first schools of this kind in the public sector in Macedonia and I honestly believe that we will succeed in making a positive contribution in the society. At the same time, I would like to express our gratitude towards the Ministry of Health for their support and professional assistance they will provide for all future parents, in order to act together in the direction of creating healthy future generations”, said Mr. Roderik Rosenbaum, Commercial Director of Pivara Skopje.

“I am truly honored that together with Pivara Skopje we are starting this significant project, by which I am assured that not only the future parents will benefit, but the overall health system as well, especially because it addresses one of the most important segments and that is parenting. The Ministry of Health will provide expert help and professional staff consisted of doctors specialists which will work in these schools and I truly believe that we will manage to answer all the questions and dilemmas in connection with pregnancy and newborns and thus we’ll ease the new life roles of all future parents“, said Doc. Dr. Venko Filipche, Minister of Health in Macedonia.

The premises where the schools will be located will be completely renovated and fully equipped by Pivara Skopje, with furniture and all other equipment necessary for successful realization of the workshops, and significant contribution to the whole initiative will give also the citizens of Macedonia who will purchase 1,5 l Rosa bottles and thus 1 denar will be allocated for this purpose.

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