Seavus Launches Artificial Intelligence for the Private and Public Sector

Seavus launched its own-developed artificial intelligence, DoAI. The AI solution can be applied in both the private and public sector and can be used in a variety of areas. The implementation of DoAI has already begun with Jobmore’s recruitment company and is expected to save approximately 15 hours a week per consultant.

Usually, it takes about 300 minutes for a consultant to screen and rank applications in a recruitment process, while DoAI can identify and rank unstructured data in real time. This means that all applications in Jobmore’s database can be ranked in a second and give the consultant direct suggestions on the right recruit to contact. Time-efficiency sees Jobmore’s CEO, Joachim Jensen, as one of the main benefits:

“We estimate that we will save about 30 percent of consultants’ time. It’s a huge time saving for us and will mean that our consultants can spend more time on qualitative tasks such as meeting recruited staff and supporting them more proactively in their work with customers. Time saving also allows the consultants to handle more candidates without losing quality at work”, says Joachim.

DoAI also contributes to the democratization of the application process. No matter what previous experience an applicant has for writing a CV, they get an equal chance for a job without being rejected due to incomplete information. DoAI analyzes unstructured data and can automatically identify and rank content based on personal characteristics, previous experience and education.

“We are extremely proud to be first on the market with this solution and look forward to following how Jobmore’s work processes are streamlined using DoAI. What separates our AI from others is also the opportunity to implement it directly in customers’ own ecosystems. Thus, customers retain their own data with the option of storing it locally or in the cloud,”
 said Dimitris Panagio, CEO of Seavus Stockholm.

The application is based on established AI standards and methods and can easily be adapted to different traditional processes and operations. For example, DoAI can be used for credit assessment and pension advice, but also for emergency hospitalization. The solution can contact nurses and doctors within one second, instead of staff manually identifying people in the systems and calling them.

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