Skopje Marriott Hotel organises the First Plogging in Macedonia

On October 27, Skopje Marriot Hotel in cooperation with the Swedish Embassy in Skopje organised the first Plogging in Macedonia – the world-famous action for jogging and garbage collection. Many citizens jogged on the quay of Vardar, carrying bags for collecting plastic bottles and other waste scattered on the river quay.  Starting from the Stone Bridge, the participants ran a length of 2.1 kilometres along the trail of the quay and, besides being recreated, made something useful for the environment. 

Plogging as an initiative first appeared in Sweden in 2016 (the word comes from Swedish plocka upp) and is a variation of the running and bending of the body by bending and stretching in garbage collection, which has a dual function – provides physical activity and simultaneously contributes to reduce pollution of nature. Fitness experts have calculated that with half an hour jogging and garbage collection in the average person burn 288 calories, while only jogging consumes 235 calories.

Since Sweden, this initiative has been massively spreading throughout the world in recent years due to growing concern about pollution of nature with plastic waste. Today, people who jog and carry bags and garbage can meet everywhere, and in many countries plogging groups are formed that together jog and collect plastic bottles and other waste.

Organizers of the event expect this initiative to become traditional, especially since in Macedonia running is becoming more popular, and awareness of the need for environmental care is growing.

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