Sparkasse Bank donated for the Institute for Nephrology in Struga

On January 24, as part of the long-term corporate social responsibility strategy, Sparkasse Bank Macedonia through the Sparkasse Life platform made another donation in the Institute for Nephrology, a vechicle Citroen C4, continuing the support of projects in the field of health. The donation aims to improve health services through logistic support that will enable an effective performance of everyday tasks. 

“The Institute of Nephrology – Struga is a public health institution whose main activity is the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of kidney patients from the Republic of Macedonia and the region. The Institute’s vehicle park is in a very bad condition. The vehicles we have are almost completely depreciated. In addition to the attempts to purchase vehicles from the funds that are available and which are always missing, the Office addressed several stakeholders with a request for donation of a vehicle. First to respond to this request was Sparkasse Bank Macedonia, which through its Sparkasse Life platform, donated a Citroen C4 today. This donation will greatly improve the quality of health care we provide to patients. The Institute expresses great appreciation for the donation, hoping that in the future such cooperation will continue successfully, “said the director of the Institute for Nephrology, Dr. Aleksandar Poposki

With the implementation of projects, Sparkasse Bank demonstrates its commitment and contribution to improving the conditions in the health institutions, as well as the constant concern for the community. This, like all projects that are part of the Sparkasse Life platform, have a higher goal – to be an inspiration and an incentive for active involvement in improving the living conditions of all in the society.

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