Students spend a Working Day with Pivara’s CEO

As part of the project “Day with Macedonian leading CEOs”, 13 students from several different Universities visited Pivara Skopje today. The students had the opportunity to spend one working day with the general manager of Pivara Skopje, Vladimir Kosijer, who shared his professional experiences. The program, which lasted from April to August this year, was realized under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Macedonia, Gjorge Ivanov, and organized by the Council of Foreign Investors.

President Gjorge Ivanov today organized a reception for students from bachelor, master and PhD studies in the field of law and economic sciences, business administration, electrical engineering and information technologies, electro energetics and architecture and he assigned certificates for participation in the program “Day with Macedonian leading executive directors” . Pivara Skopje is part of the five companies whose managers were tasked with showing the selected students how does one top manager’s day look like, learning about the process of running a company and gaining new skills and knowledge that will contribute to the development of their entrepreneurial spirit. This program is the first of its kind organized in the Republic of Macedonia, and the goal is for Macedonian students not to have to leave the country to learn the different managerial skills and to gain experience, but they can stay home, in Macedonia, and learn from directors coming from abroad.

The participants were really satisfied being part of the project, within which they had the opportunity to get answers for the questions in areas of their interest. It is especially motivating for them to get acquainted directly with the work of people who have a great contribution to the country.  For some of the students, the School for Young Leaders, which Pivara Skopje has been supporting for years, has also been of great importance since it has contributed to improving their skills and being better in their profession.

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