Telekom Performs the First 5G Demo in Macedonia

On September 17, Makedonski Telekom performed the first 5G demo in the country, whereby the company made one more step towards the introduction of this technology in Macedonia, which will enable technological progress of the society and a lot of new functionalities for the customers.

A mobile network speed, which is over four times higher than the data transfer speed of the 4G network, was measured for the first time in the region.

“Today we measured the highest speed so far, even though the speed is not the main benefit of the 5G technology. This new technology standard will change not only our way of communication, but also our way of life. Today we have shown that we are keeping pace with the European countries; we set the foundations; we demonstrated the incredible 5G speed. But this is only the beginning, we will continue to invest and upgrade the network in order to be ready for the commercial launch” – stated Nikola Ljusev, Chief Executive Officer of Makedonski Telekom.

5G is a new technology standard which will be the main challenge for the telecommunication operators in the upcoming years. The network superiority in all of its segments is the major prerequisite for introduction of this new technology. In that regard, Makedonski Telekom has planned investments in the network, in the following two years in order to meet all prerequisites for the commercial launch of 5G.

The fifth generation network will not only bring enormous data transfer speeds over internet and real-time communication, but it will completely change the way our society works: Internet of Things will become reality (drones, robots), we will live in smart homes and smart cities, we will drive smart cars and we will also have benefits in the medicine, education, business.

The implementation of the 5G technology will start in Europe as of 2020 and the complete implementation with all of its advanced functionalities is expected after 2025.

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