Tikves Winery Fulfils Obligations Well Before Deadline

A month before the deadline, Tikves fulfilled all the obligations towards the growers, and executed the payment for all the the purchased grapes from the last harvest. An average price of over 16 denars and a maximum price of over 22 denars per kilogram of quality grapes was achieved.

“The regular payment, as well as the achieved prices for a kilo of grapes, which are higher than the recommended prices due to the high quality of the grapes, are the best indicator of Tikvesh’s strategic approach in building a partnership with growers, which is a prerequisite for the production of top quality wines that will be competitive on world wine markets, “says Tikves Wine Director General Rados Vukicevic.
Long-term cooperation between Tikvesh and the growers, is accomplished through continuous education and support in the application of modern agro-technical methods and practices in cultivation and protection of vineyards. For growers that follow expert’s advices and instructions,”Tikvesh” guarantees high quality grapes purchase and provides them with an additional bonus in the payment.

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