UACS Donates Full Scholarship to a Girl with a Wilson’s Disease

Even though the summer holidays are just starting, UACS does not cease with its CSR endeavours. Since recently, the civil association for humanitarian actions and donations “Konekt” launched their first “Donor Circle”. The main purpose of such donor circles is to bring philanthropy and the humanitarian spirit closer to individuals who want to contribute by donating to specific causes. In this manner, even small donations made by a multitude of individuals that are aimed at specific causes (two or three for example) can make a very dramatic change in outcome. The first donor circle was aimed at supporting three specific organisations: “Otvorete gi prozorcite” (technological aids adapted for children with impairment in order to easily cope with learning), “Hops” (supporting children that have been stigmatised due to belonging to drug abusive parents) and “Wilson Macedonia” (raising awareness, early diagnosis and prevention of the fatal consequences of the rare Wilson’s Disease). Ms. Venera Krliu Handziski, UACS Vice-Rector for Teaching, who attended the Donor Circle, made a significant donation to all three causes, and went one step further by offering a full scholarship to study at UACS to a girl with Wilson’s disease.

UACS will continue to support such activities aimed at bettering our society and raising both awareness and funds for specific causes. Therefore we would also like to invite all who are interested to take a look at the interview with Konekt’s executive director in order to find our more about the Donor Circles and what one can do to participate.

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