Using a Multifunctional Mobile Application, HalkBank Will Plant Trees and Make Afforestation of Green Surfaces

HalkBank with an innovative and an interactive approach is actively engaging in afforestation with tree planting and reducing harmful CO2 emissions of gas. The bank developed the HalkEco mobile application which will encourage citizens on doing more physical activity and as a response to their activity, they will plant trees. This way, together, they will contribute in having a healthier and cleaner environment.

“The creation of the HalkEco mobile application is motivated by the need of  wakening the eco consciousness and motivate responsibility that we all have towards our environment and the quality of the air we breathe. It helps us in creating healthy habits, it encourages physical activity and eco consciousness as an individual responsibility for our living environment. Simultaneously, in return we get much more. Alongside each other, the application represents an investment in innovative technologies  which is another major step that the bank makes towards digitalizing its services. “, emphasized Atila Selim, the director of alternative channels.

Creating and conceptualizing the application is in line with the bank’s strategic commitment and the slogan that People are important and also is creating products, services and values according to their needs and preferences.

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