Vitaminka published a 60 years Monograph – Testimony of Vitaminka’s Growth

In the presence of many representatives of the business sector from Macedonia, on January 21, the monograph “60 Years of Vitaminka” was promoted, a publication dedicated to the successful story of the 6 decades of existence, as well as the personal contribution of Mr. Simon Naumoski, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Vitaminka “AD Prilep and its commitment to the growth and development of the company.
The author of the Monograph is Tachko Lokvenec, who managed to completely chronologically capture the development and growth of the company, as well as the important decisions that lead to the creation of the most valuable national brand Vitaminka.

“My 44-year work experience in Vitaminka taught me that careful, caring and household work always pays off. There were different moments in my career, both light and heavy. But I have always been fortunate enough to have excellent associates, employees and colleagues who believed in leadership decisions and uncompromisingly committed to their responsibilities, working responsibly. All these human values ​​together with the potentials and utilisation of technological capacities have contributed for what  “Vitaminka” is tofay, one of the most successful food production capacities – a leader on the Macedonian market and in the region. I can proudly say that Vitaminka AD Prilep today is a true representative of quality and success, “said Simon Naumoski, chairman of the Board of Directors of Vitaminka AD Prilep.

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