Why Join?

Why join?

Where Business Meets Opportunity!

AmCham welcomes all companies, irrelevant of their size and origin to jointly work together towards improving the business environment.  By joining AmCham you will become part of the biggest business network across the globe and gain:

Visibility – Being part of an organization that acts as the voice of international business in the country, promoting standards for a sustainable, predictable, and competitive business landscape can be a strong advantage for your brand to be associated with.

Access – AmCham members have access to some of the country’s biggest companies as well as the network of AmChams in Europe, which is comprised of other 44 AmChams.

Networking – Our events program provides members with an opportunity to network with leading foreign and local companies, as well as American diplomats and government officials of North Macedonia.

Information – We are committed to providing relevant information, and learning opportunities for members on topics and issues affecting their business.

Advocacy – Our committees and board represent our backbone in building a more competitive business environment in the country, through numerous activities carried out by the Law-making & Implementation and CSR Committees.

Member Experience
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