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The American Chamber of Commerce in North Macedonia is a business community, comprised of 130+ member companies, with a diverse spectrum of businesses, from small enterprises to large foreign investors.

AmCham North Macedonia serves as an umbrella, where the business people volunteer their time and expertise, to co-create a better business environment in the country.

In its Vision AmCham sees the Republic of North Macedonia as a fully-integrated and competitive member of the global economy and an attractive investment hub for international business in the region.

AmCham’s mission is to strengthen the voice of international business in the Republic of North Macedonia, to promote a sustainable, predictable and competitive business landscape, through advocacy, events and sharing best practices.

To fulfil these objectives, AmCham offers a range of different services to its members:

  • Acting as a representative body for the common interests of its members before Government and International institutions
  • Sharing critical business information of the local legislation, via its committees.
  • Network opportunities between the U.S., international and local business leaders.
  • Access to more global perspective through the AmChams network.
  • Promoting good corporate governance.
  • Informative and relevant learning events, featuring experts from the private and public sectors, as well as the international community.
org's highlights

After two decades AmCham continues to serve as a hub where companies join to be part of the change they want to see!
Here is just a glimpse of our work so far:

More than 300 events held in total:

  • over 120 of them were to facilitate networking & promotion of our members;
  • another 100 events were held to help improve the business environment,
  • and 80 events were held to provide professional development support to employees at our member companies.

    25.000+ people were involved in different levels of collaboration, including businesspeople and professionals, government officials, and diplomats.

    65 different issues of the AmCham magazine were produced, tackling topics of Grey Economy, Labor Market, Education, Legal and Regulatory, IPR, Investment Opportunities, and Business Climate, etc.

    20+ CSR projects supported in cooperation with the help of our member companies Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia, Lice v Lice, Poraka Negotino, Institute of Respiratory Diseases in and in cooperation with: Children - Kozle, Children's Clinic Skopje, Association of Children with Cerebral Palsy from Veles, School for students with impaired eyesight Dimitar Vlahov in Skopje, etc.

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    AmCham’s power is in the network! This network represents a significant advantage for AmCham members, providing access to key contacts in most countries of the world.

    AmCham North Macedonia is an accredited member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and an active member of AmChams in Europe - an umbrella organization for 46 American Chambers of Commerce (AmChams), from 44 countries throughout Europe and Eurasia.

    As part of this network AmChams in Europe represent the interests of more than 17,000 American and European companies, employing 20 million workers – account for more than $ 1.1 trillion in investment, on both sides of the Atlantic.

    AmCham Team

    Jelena Arsovska


    Email: j.arsovska@amcham.com.mk
    Phone number: +389 75 451 099

    Boban Stojanoski


    Email: policy@amcham.com.mk
    Phone number: +389 78 452 565

    Maja Gligorovska

    Corporate Relations Manager

    Email: m.gligorovska@amcham.com.mk
    Phone number: +389 77 762 088

    Elena Matlievska


    Email: e.matlievska@amcham.com.mk
    Phone number: +389 70 205 978
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