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The Three Seas Initiative Gives Opportunities For Regional Cooperation

Interview with Ms. Maja Filipcheva, BoD President of Amcham North Macedonia and Director, Tax & Outsourcing at Grant Thornton. Ms. Filipceva accompanied by the AmCham Board Member, Mr. Jordan Dimitrovski, they have attended the Three Seas Summit & Business Forum, held in Sofia, upon receiving an invitation from the AmCham Bulgaria Executive Director, Mr. Petar […]

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Are Cyber Criminals Just Criminals? Or Something Worse?

Andrej Petreski, AmCham Digital Transformation Committee Chair/ Cisco Territory Business Manager for North Macedonia & Kosovo Do you know who Erica Gutierrez is? No? Neither do I.  OK – I learned who is she today when I read a CNN article about her – a single mom from Texas, who was told on Monday to […]

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Digital Divide

What is digital divide? Why is it important? Is it necessary to speak about the digital divide at a time when we have 79% internet penetration in the country? The answer is yes, now even more than before because the time of ACESS to the internet is overcome by the importance of USE and QUALITY […]

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Personal Growth

When talking about the importance of company growth, we first associate employee’s professional growth with company growth. Yet, apart from the employee’s professional growth, their personal growth is equally paramount to the growth of the company. When we talk about learning organizations, we need to integrate their individual knowledge into organizational knowledge. The development of […]

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