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Regional Cybersecurity For Beginners

Tucked-in safely within the oyster that is our peninsula, the Balkan countries are out of reach from big bad cybercrime, right? Well, a trip back to recent history might prove that wrong. If so, do we have mechanisms in place to ensure cybersecurity? Let’s review some regional cybersecurity 101 in the latest interview of our […]

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Digital Divide

What is the digital divide? Why is it important? Is it necessary to speak about the digital divide at a time when we have 79% internet penetration in the country? The answer is yes, now even more than before because the time of ACESS to the internet is overcome by the importance of USE and […]

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The “3 Seas Initiative” Demonstrates The Path To Successful Digitalization And Practical Regional Cooperation

Interview with Mr. Jordan Dimitrovski – Member of the Board of Directors of AmCham, General Manager of Aitonix, on the highlights from the digitalization panel at the “3 Seas Summit and Business Forum”, how it demonstrates the significance of successful digitalization, and the opportunities that an initiative of this magnitude creates for the neighboring countries. […]

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The “3 Seas Initiative” Creates Opportunities For Regional Cooperation

Interview with Ms. Maja Filipcheva, President of AmCham’s Board of Directors and Director of Tax & Outsourcing at Grant Thornton on the “3 Seas Initiative“, its importance for the entire European market and its economic growth, the EU’s transatlantic relations, as well as the possibilities it can create to other non-partner countries in the region. […]

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