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ESG – The New Heir to the Throne in the Corporate Governance

*The article in Macedonian language, published by Kapital can be found at the bottom of this page. Written by: ESG Committee The Corporate Social Responsibility Concept has played its role perfectly in setting new, upgraded standards in corporate governance. Many societies around the globe have benefited from its ideas, principles, and values. However, even this […]

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How to Protect Ourselves from Cybercrime and Reduce the Harm if we Fall Victim

Digitalization of society and increased use of services on smart devices or computers both by companies and citizens bring about increased exposure and vulnerability to computer crimes. While most companies have established risk reduction processes by educating the staff and improving their protection systems, citizens are paid very little attention. To be able to move […]

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The Rise Of The Data Economy

Is data the new raw material of the 21st century? How can businesses benefit from it? Which regulations that safeguard its value and availability are on the rise and how the data economy has grown up? To find out, read the column with Meri Kucera-Ilievska, a member of our Digital Transformation Committee and a Business […]

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Regional Cybersecurity For Beginners

Tucked-in safely within the oyster that is our peninsula, the Balkan countries are out of reach from big bad cybercrime, right? Well, a trip back to recent history might prove that wrong. If so, do we have mechanisms in place to ensure cybersecurity? Let’s review some regional cybersecurity 101 in the latest interview of our […]

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