AmCham Committees represent the Chamber’s long-term strategic commitments, while the Taskforces are established in response to immediate policy changes and the corresponding arising needs of the business sector. Together, the Committees and Taskforces ensure that members’ voices are heard in public debate while positioning themselves as a reliable partner in the public consultation processes.

Digital Transformation Committee

Since its inception, the DT Committee has prioritized the promotion, development, and implementation of projects driving the digital transformation of the public sector, in addition to measures for innovation-friendly regulation.

In pursuit of this goal, the Committee participates in and contributes its expertise to two major projects and several working groups established by government institutions. Part of its efforts are also focused on creating and promoting initiatives to raise the public’s digital and cyber security awareness.

ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) Committee

Given ESG’s prominence as a fresh and rapidly expanding concept on a global basis, the ESG Committee was established with the goal of creating a thriving ESG-compliant business sector and serving as major driver in promoting ESG-related topics and activities.

This Committee acts as a forum for AmCham members to exchange best practices in the ESG field to inspire other businesses, as well as the most recent legislative changes and initiatives, particularly those in the EU region, and their effects over Macedonian enterprises.

Healthcare Committee

The recent period has demonstrated how profoundly healthcare can influence the economy and society, and the importance for building a resilient healthcare sector as an essential pillar for the welfare  of the whole society.

The newly established Healthcare Committee is determined to improve the access to innovative medicines and medical devices and fostering innovation in the healthcare sector. By introducing itself as a reliable and constructive partner of the policymakers, the Committee promotes digitalization and using data in the decision-making processes and co-creating a stable, transparent, and predictable regulatory affecting the healthcare sector.

Law Making & Implementation Committee

As credible and appropriate evidence dictates what measures are best to be pursued, the Law Making & Implementation Committee is a strong proponent of evidence-based policymaking in our country. It also advocates for enhancing the public consultation processes to ensure a more inclusive, efficient, and timely approach. Ultimately, the Committee directs its focus on monitoring the process of harmonizing the Macedonian legislation with the European Union acquis, while committee members provide their expertise to relevant bodies on this subject.


After a total of 16 years of research, the analysis of the most significant economic laws was conducted within this Working Group with the goal of assessing the predictability and stability of the regulatory environment based on several parameters.

Virtual Shareholders Meetings

This Working Group aims to determine the possibility of holding a virtual shareholder meeting, analyzing and considering all aspects, including the legislative environment and potential challenges that the business sector may encounter.


Constantly monitoring news and changes in the practical application of legislative regulations that can potential affect the corporate sector and creating solutions to enhance the local business climate is the focus of the One-Stop-Shop system working group.


The goal of this working group is to bring labor relations law to match modern labor requirements and good practices, thereby fostering a more dynamic labor market and reducing unemployment rate that would positively benefit the economy.

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