AmCham Committees represent the Chamber’s long-term strategic commitments, while the Taskforces are established in response to immediate policy changes and the corresponding arising needs of the business sector. Together, the Committees and Taskforces ensure that members’ voices are heard in public debate while positioning themselves as a reliable partner in the public consultation processes.

Intellectual Property Right Taskforce

Given its fundamental role in driving innovation, fostering economic development, protecting creators, and promoting fair competition, the safeguarding of intellectual property is the central focus of this Task Force. 

The IPR Task Force brings together experts and practitioners in the field of intellectual property, providing a collaborative platform to address current challenges through specific activities targeting decision-makers, the business community, the general public, and other stakeholders.

Taxation Taskforce

It has been initially recognized the importance of establishing a Taxation Taskforce following the substantial changes in the stage of the taxation environment and their effects on the local business sector. Its purpose is to create a modern, stable, and predictable tax environment by promoting its members’ business interests in shaping tax policies and providing support to decision-makers.

This Taskforce is intended for all AmCham member companies that share this vision and are committed to staying abreast of all changes in the tax regulatory environment.

Donation & Sponsorship Taskforce

The Donation & Sponsorship Taskforce was formed in light of the announced changes in the local regulatory environment affecting the companies’ decisions regarding their donation and sponsorships plans and activities.

The Taskforce is a member of the Ministry of Justice’s working group responsible for drafting the new Sponsorships and Donations Law. Its aim is to advocate for and provide expertise in the consultation process toward creating of a more efficient, facilitated and beneficial-for-all-stakeholders system for donations and sponsorships in our country.

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