AmCham North Macedonia advocacy activities are primarily initiated and carried out with the support of committees/groups.

These groups are established as either permanent or ad hoc that work on specific issues. Currently, AmCham has 2 committees: Lawmaking & Implementation and Digital Transformation; and one working group for Law on Sponsorships and Donations.

These committees/working groups consist of professionals from different fields who by volunteering their time and expertise work on improving the local legislation in the country.

The General Mission of AmCham’s committee/working groups is to represent members’ business interests and help shape policies; offer authoritative viewpoints that build understanding among authorities; provide alerts and proactive advice to the business community; strengthen AmCham’s culture of networking opportunities; raise the profile of AmCham and increase its visibility, and encourage feedback from inside and outside AmCham and act upon it.

Within this framework, the chamber’s individual committees work on the development of their respective objectives and pursue strategies through the implementation of events, meetings, publications, committee expertise, as well as lobbying and research.

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