Ms. Markovska is Managing Partner of AAG – Analysis and Advisory Group. She has more than 40 years of experience in various consulting, advisory, management, training and public administration assignments. In her work experience, she has managed large complicated projects. Ms. Markovska has been a Managing director, Chief Operating Officer or Managing Partner in various organizations since 1995: Privatization Agency, a very sensitive and demanding role, Ernst & Young Macedonia and Albania and AAG – Analysis and Advisory Group. In addition to this, she has been serving in several Management Boards, Supervisory Boards, Managing Councils. Currently, she is President of the Supervisory Board of Makedonija Turist, the owner of Holliday Inn, as an independent member of the Board. She was one of the founders and the first President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Macedonia. She is one of the founders of the Institute of Directors of the Republic of Macedonia, a corporate governance institution. Her teaching and training experience is also significant. She is currently a senior lecturer at the Economics Faculty Ljubljana. Ms. Markovska is a Certified Macedonian Auditor, she is a Licensed Valuator and she used to be a Licensed Mediator in North Macedonia.

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